Pressure Washing

Isle of Wight Pressure Washing

We clean many different surfaces using the latest techniques and high-pressure cleaning equipment. All we need is a water supply and we are ready to go.

Bronto Clean have years of experience cleaning various surfaces from block paving to decking, using a professional industrial pressure washer we get the best results giving a clean even finish.

Our pressure washing services cover the whole Isle of Wight and all sizes of jobs from pathways to car parks.

We offer a two-part service on block paving including the cleaning and the re-application of sand between the blocks which is essential.

Before & After a drive clean

Before the drive was cleaned
After the drive was cleaned

Block Paving Cleaning

We can clean your block paving. We offer two different levels of cleaning.

Clean only – This is a basic clean using our professional equipment leaving you with a nice clean driveway. It is advised you add your own sand after this as cleaning will remove the top layer of sand from between your blocks.

Clean plus re-sand – This includes the basic clean but we will re-sand your paving afterwards. This is crucial to ensure your paving remains flat and solid as the sand acts as weight distribution when supporting heavy loads.

Patio Cleaning

We can clean your patio using our high-pressure surface cleaners to transform the look of your patio.

Keeping your patio clean can not only improve the look but removes the algae which can become slippery. It can also help to highlight any areas that may need repairing to prolong the life of your patio for years to come.

The most satisfying part about a simple clean is that once it is complete, your patio looks as good as new.

Whatever the size of your patio requiring a clean, our team if Isle of Wight cleaners at Broto Clean can carry out any task, however big or small.

Tarmac/Concrete Cleaning

We also clean tarmac and concrete to have it looking its best.

The appearance of tarmac and concrete can look ungainly after years of neglect. But don’t fear, our dedicated team will make sure your tarmac/concrete is looking the best we possibly can before leaving.

We can also repair small holes in tarmac with cold lay tarmac and fill in cracks or small holes in your concrete to improve the look of your driveway or path.

Weed Treatment

We can also offer weed-killing treatments before any cleaning operations take place to reduce the risk of weeds returning after being killed.

We know how annoying it can be having weeds within your gravel, patios, driveways etc. That is why we use the best weed treatment solutions available to make sure the likely hood of weeds returning is kept to a minimum.

Please note weed-killing treatments will need to be done days in advance of your cleaning.

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